Sunday, March 16, 2014

                                                      February favorites :) 

Hello friends!In this post we will show you some of our favorites for the month of February :) We might help you choose nail polish, labels, and perfume .. so let's start ♥ 
In February we had a lot of labels that are used a lot.Some of these are classic,mint,repair and beauty and camomile *Classic is plain but quite hydrating :) 
*Mint is hydrating but with the wonderful scent of mint..   
*Repair and beauty is classic label,but it is like lipstick ♥ 
*Camomile is so beautiful and it smells like camomile.. 

2.Nail polish ♥ 
This month we use lighter colors of nail polish because of school..but our favorite dark color was blue :)♥ 

Favorite parfume was Little black dress from Avon.It smells  really good.You can order it from the Avon catalog :) 

4.Creams ♥ 
These creams are very moisturizing and smells wonderful  :)
One of the chocolate and the other of vanilla ♥  

5.T-shirts :) 
Two simple single-color T-shirts were our favorites, red and white :) You can combine them with anything and everything .. different jewelry and scarves.Both of t-shirts can be found in Zara :) 

Buy see ya in  next post :)