Thursday, April 17, 2014

                                             Easter decoration :)

Hey, blog lovers :) We have not rolled out new posts and apologize to you for that. Really we had a lot of commitments and we could not get there. Easter us coming soon, spring began, the sun is shining,..
Easter comes to us soon, so decorate your home in the holiday spirit .. here are some suggestions! :D 

When someone mentions the resurrection, the first thing that comes to mind are the eggs, nicely arranged in a winnowing basket ... it can serve as a great decoration. 

1.Basket with eggs ♥ 
All you need is: 
-baslet(you can buy the trimmings or in the supermarkets) 
-artificial grass 
-small decorations that remind you of a holiday

Just put all stuff in the basket..and the end ♥ 

-Cute and easy :)- 
2.Vase with eggs ♥ 
You need:        
-artificial grass grass  
-artificial eggs           
Put the grass and the eggs in the vase..and you are finished :) 
-We are in love in this super cute idea ♥- 
3.And one decorate your room ♥    
 All you need is: 
-thin markers 
-cute eggs for decoration 

Naw you  draw eggs on paper and cut them :) 
Draw them and put where you want.♥ 
-Simple and cute :)-
Here are a few ideas to draw on eggs :) Hope yo like ♥ 


Happy you gays :) ♥