Thursday, April 17, 2014

                                             Easter decoration :)

Hey, blog lovers :) We have not rolled out new posts and apologize to you for that. Really we had a lot of commitments and we could not get there. Easter us coming soon, spring began, the sun is shining,..
Easter comes to us soon, so decorate your home in the holiday spirit .. here are some suggestions! :D 

When someone mentions the resurrection, the first thing that comes to mind are the eggs, nicely arranged in a winnowing basket ... it can serve as a great decoration. 

1.Basket with eggs ♥ 
All you need is: 
-baslet(you can buy the trimmings or in the supermarkets) 
-artificial grass 
-small decorations that remind you of a holiday

Just put all stuff in the basket..and the end ♥ 

-Cute and easy :)- 
2.Vase with eggs ♥ 
You need:        
-artificial grass grass  
-artificial eggs           
Put the grass and the eggs in the vase..and you are finished :) 
-We are in love in this super cute idea ♥- 
3.And one decorate your room ♥    
 All you need is: 
-thin markers 
-cute eggs for decoration 

Naw you  draw eggs on paper and cut them :) 
Draw them and put where you want.♥ 
-Simple and cute :)-
Here are a few ideas to draw on eggs :) Hope yo like ♥ 


Happy you gays :) ♥

Sunday, March 16, 2014

                                                      February favorites :) 

Hello friends!In this post we will show you some of our favorites for the month of February :) We might help you choose nail polish, labels, and perfume .. so let's start ♥ 
In February we had a lot of labels that are used a lot.Some of these are classic,mint,repair and beauty and camomile *Classic is plain but quite hydrating :) 
*Mint is hydrating but with the wonderful scent of mint..   
*Repair and beauty is classic label,but it is like lipstick ♥ 
*Camomile is so beautiful and it smells like camomile.. 

2.Nail polish ♥ 
This month we use lighter colors of nail polish because of school..but our favorite dark color was blue :)♥ 

Favorite parfume was Little black dress from Avon.It smells  really good.You can order it from the Avon catalog :) 

4.Creams ♥ 
These creams are very moisturizing and smells wonderful  :)
One of the chocolate and the other of vanilla ♥  

5.T-shirts :) 
Two simple single-color T-shirts were our favorites, red and white :) You can combine them with anything and everything .. different jewelry and scarves.Both of t-shirts can be found in Zara :) 

Buy see ya in  next post :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

                             Easy and cool ways to use old maps :)
Hey blog-followers! :) You sure have some old maps that you don't need anymore! Before you put them in the dustbin, just try to do this amazing tips...:)
1.Map decorative tape
This is simple and easy..:) All you have to do is to cut the map on tapes!You choose which size of the tape you want!Now decorate your notebooks, pencils and other stuffs..:) It looks cool, isn't it? :)

2.Map letter
This is great decoration for every room! Take a carton and draw first letter of your name. Cut it and stick map on it! If you want put it  on the wall, the cut the letter from wood :) 

                           - From this         to           this! -
3.Map magnets 
If you have old magnets try to do this amazing tip! :) All you will need  are old magnets, old maps and glue! :) 

4.I love...;)
From your old maps you can make a heart put that on yout door,desck...All you nead is old map,roap, glue, gloss :)  
Now make a heart on yout map :) 

5.Lovely country..♥ 
If you love a country, mark it in your own way! :) All you need is an old map , spines and a pictures of your favorite towns :)

Cute and easy ♥

Vintage globe ornament
We love vitage decorations!This ornament is very simple, and all you will need is this is old chrismas decoration, roap and old map! :D

                                          We hope you like it!

Friday, February 14, 2014

                                Valentine's Day look :) 
Ahh,finally! You were waiting and waiting...but it's finally here! We wish you happy Valentine's Day ♥! You probably have a little problem...and that's:"What should I wear and which makeup to put?"So here's little help...Get your clothes out of your closet,get we go :)♥ 

If you are unsure of pink and red lipstick, here's a little help on how to combine the makeup,nails and clothes :)...there are also ideas for hair ♥
Pink combination :)  
•For the perfect pink combination,all if you  need is  a black,white or pink dress,pink lipstick and nails and of course a big smile :)♥       

-Cute dresses :)- 

•You can paint your nails in pink and in the spirit of the holidays,like on the picures ;) 


-You can use internet like inspiration ☺- 

Makeup choose lighter shades of pink and purple, but to kill the monotony of lipstick add a stronger shade ☻! 

-This is so cute :*- 

 •Hair can make a big twist or a bun :) If you want to create a bun follow the steps in the photo :) 

-Just follow and you make it *_*-
Red combination :)

•You need a little black  dress or white dress or a pants with some cool T-shirt,jacket and jewelry :) It's cool if you have a red lipstick, black eye shadow and mascar ♥


-It's so easy to combined red and black :)-

•For the nails you can use red or black nail polish and we think that is the best,but if you like you can in the spirit of the holidays ♥


For makeup we recommend the darker tones of shadows and lipstick went to best red or black lipstick :) 


• can let your hair or tie tail,like on the pictures :)♥ 


Here's a tip:While you're dressed nicely, and be nice to acting attract attention! :) Eat cultural, closed mouth and steals his food from the plate (being his cute) ♥ 

Buy see ya in  next post :)