Friday, February 14, 2014

                                Valentine's Day look :) 
Ahh,finally! You were waiting and waiting...but it's finally here! We wish you happy Valentine's Day ♥! You probably have a little problem...and that's:"What should I wear and which makeup to put?"So here's little help...Get your clothes out of your closet,get we go :)♥ 

If you are unsure of pink and red lipstick, here's a little help on how to combine the makeup,nails and clothes :)...there are also ideas for hair ♥
Pink combination :)  
•For the perfect pink combination,all if you  need is  a black,white or pink dress,pink lipstick and nails and of course a big smile :)♥       

-Cute dresses :)- 

•You can paint your nails in pink and in the spirit of the holidays,like on the picures ;) 


-You can use internet like inspiration ☺- 

Makeup choose lighter shades of pink and purple, but to kill the monotony of lipstick add a stronger shade ☻! 

-This is so cute :*- 

 •Hair can make a big twist or a bun :) If you want to create a bun follow the steps in the photo :) 

-Just follow and you make it *_*-
Red combination :)

•You need a little black  dress or white dress or a pants with some cool T-shirt,jacket and jewelry :) It's cool if you have a red lipstick, black eye shadow and mascar ♥


-It's so easy to combined red and black :)-

•For the nails you can use red or black nail polish and we think that is the best,but if you like you can in the spirit of the holidays ♥


For makeup we recommend the darker tones of shadows and lipstick went to best red or black lipstick :) 


• can let your hair or tie tail,like on the pictures :)♥ 


Here's a tip:While you're dressed nicely, and be nice to acting attract attention! :) Eat cultural, closed mouth and steals his food from the plate (being his cute) ♥ 

Buy see ya in  next post :)


  1. beautiful ♥

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  7. Great tips and suggestions loved them all xx

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  11. This is great for Valentine's or date night. Love the ideas :)

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